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Customer Service

(034) 950 470 737

Our fleet

Transportes MATURANA SL has a fleet of 30 sets of tractor trucks and 35 refrigerated semitrailer; which are renewed every four years on average.
The tractor trucks comply with the EURO V  and EURO VI regulation, making an important effort for keeping a conscius fleet with the environment.

All our vehicles are equipped with location and communication systems that enable efficient management of real-time service.

We guarantee VOLVO brand and its customer service across Europe immediately allows us to manage any incident during the transportation time.

Our trailers are equipped with the ATP certificate (Class FRC) and equipped with Thermograph to ensure traceability of services rendered

  We have refrigerated trailers with an 
inside panel splitter to seperate and transport the goods at different temperatures.

We have our own workshop where we review each trip the car according to established maintenance plan, then proceed to the washing and disinfection, according to our auto-control system in compliance with current regulations on food safety for businesses transport.

Headquarters in Huércal Overa (Almería)

Autovía A7-E15 Salida 563.
04600 Huércal Overa. Almería

Delegation in Santa Perpetua de Moguda (Barcelona)

Polígono Industrial CIM VALLES
Nave 12. Parcela 4.
08130 Santa Perpetua de Moguda.

(034) 950 470 737

(034) 950 470 738